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Our team, get to know us!

Alessandro Bargetto - President Eventures Association

Alessandro Bargetto

President Eventures Association

About Alessandro

I had the honour to take part to many regattas and sailing courses. Thanks to this I had the opportunity to discover the importance of coordination and team-work, essential qualities in order to reach all together the same goals! I am also very lucky to have spent the best summers in this stimulating and exciting world. REGATTA is the representation of how FUN, SPORT, EDUCATION and NETWORKING can be combined in an internationally recognised event. I’m very glad to be part of this team!!!! :)

Eleonora Lanzafame - Head of Booking

Eleonora Lanzafame

Head of Booking

About Eleonora

I fell in love with Regatta at first sight at the very first presentation of Eventures in Turin. Regatta makes me combine two of my greatest passions: The sea and Team working, it requires hard work but it rewards you in the best way: having fun, building strong friendships and expanding your network in an informal atmosphere. I love being surrounded by such passionate and talented guys and i’m proud to be part of this.

Martina  Bertana - Booking Manager

Martina Bertana

Booking Manager

About Martina

Sailing is a passion that my family has passed me down and the nautical enviroment has always had a magical appeal to me. When I heard about Regatta I was thrilled to become part of such an outstanding family and organization at the same time. The past editions have been great and I can’t wait to contribute first hand to create an unforgettable event for all participants, working in a team made of people who share my same passion, values and ambitions. I believe Regatta is part and parcel of the ESCP Europe experience.

Riccardo Romanzi - Head of Finance

Riccardo Romanzi

Head of Finance

About Riccardo

Regatta is not just a sailing event but a personal and a professional growth opportunity! Thanks to its pillars Networking, Sport, Fun and Education it’s a suggestive challenge to put into practice in the waves what I learned at the ESCP Europe. You live and share your journey with friends, classmates and crew your experiences among the most beautiful coasts of Italy!

Luca Contrafatto - Finance Manager

Luca Contrafatto

Finance Manager

About Luca

It’s a really great pleasure to enter Regatta. Always looking for new opportunities, I am really glad to get in touch with a multicultural, international, flexible and challenging environment and to do my best for the outcome of this outstanding association.

Francesco Bertinetti - Sponsorships Manager

Francesco Bertinetti

Sponsorships Manager

About Francesco

Sport, sea and friends have always been my greatest passions and in Regatta I found a perfect combination of these elements. My great ambition to continue to improve personally and professionally is perfectly satisfied by the spirit of Regatta: smart people who combine a great commitment to work, fun and passion for what they do to give life to an event whose success echoes in the mind of all its participants. I am very proud of being part of this team and set sail towards a new adventure together.

Maddalena Bo - Sponsorships Manager

Maddalena Bo

Sponsorships Manager

About Maddalena

I'm really happy to be part of Regatta, a unique and amazing project gathering different people with diverse backgrounds. Regatta gives us the chance to improve ourselves, broaden our network and develop as professionals and humans thanks to this real-life experience. Regatta is the moment to plan our future to make it wonderful.

Viviana Mozzillo De Bartolomeis - Events Manager

Viviana Mozzillo De Bartolomeis

Events Manager

About Viviana

I come from Naples, city of sea. Thus, Regatta is intrinsically part of me.

My love for sailing has drawn me to Regatta since I first heard about it, when I was fourteen. I’m passionate in what I do and determinated to give my best. I am definitely ready to raise anchor for what I’m sure will be an unforgettable experience and set sail with those who won’t be only companions but a life crew.

Giovanni Paviciullo - Events Manager

Giovanni Paviciullo

Events Manager

About Giovanni

If I had to describe what Regatta means to me I would use just one word: passion. The same passion that drove me in choosing this amazing association for which I am so grateful to be part of right now. In my life the most inspiring principles have always been research, curiosity and creation. I am ready and excited to board the Regatta ship and follow the route of this adventure!

Vittoria Ludergnani - Sailing Manager

Vittoria Ludergnani

Sailing Manager

About Vittoria

Since I was six years old, sailing has been my main passion. I used to spend hours on my dinghy, trying to improve myself. When I found out what Regatta was, it was clear to me that I wanted to be part of it: it was the best way to cultivate my passion as well as being even more part of the ESCP world. While I was in a sailing agonistic team, my mates were like a family for me: in Regatta I’m sure to find the same, fantastic, enviroment, that I’ve missed so much. I’m proud to have been chosen!

Edoardo Gusti - Sailing Manager

Edoardo Gusti

Sailing Manager

About Edoardo

Spending time in the water has always been a huge part of my life. When I learned that I could meet new people as passionate as me thanks this event I did not hesitate to join the team! The opportunity to meet and work with people from other campuses is incredibly unique and it is what really differentiates ESCP from every other Business School in the world.

Sandra Pekle - Communication

Sandra Pekle


About Sandra

Interning at Jeanneau America and hosting the Annual Sailboat Show was one of the best experience of my life. I have spent all of my life abroad like so many sailors. I want to express my creativity in unique ways to offer you the best Regatta experience. By traveling, we learn to expand our mindset. By sailing, we learn to work as a team. Regatta combines travelling and sailing, to bring international people together during an unforgettable journey.

Andrea Bragagna - Project Manager

Andrea Bragagna

Project Manager

About Andrea

I am a northerner from the south of Tyrol, which happens to be still in Italy. I was born and raised in Bolzano a long way from the sea, but luckily, thanks to my grandpa, I had the chance to get closer to sailing on his humble Hobie Cat. I am an avid traveler since I can remember: I spent six months of my life in a frozen American suburb and three months in NYC as a noob bartender.
I am very friendly, always smiling and perpetually seeking challenges. Regatta is one, yes. So proud to be in the family that represents ESCP’s spirit at its finest.

“…we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea - whether it is to sail or to watch it - we are going back from whence we came.”

Benedetta  Marano - Booking Manager

Benedetta Marano

Booking Manager

About Benedetta

I’m looking for a “once in a lifetime” experience and I think I’ve found it in Regatta. It is the opportunity to broaden your horizons, challenge yourself and find a family. My love for the sea made me apply for Regatta without thinking twice. I’m ready for sleepless nights and days not long enough. I wanna be 100% part of this overwhelming and inspiring experience. I’m looking forward to raise the sail!  

Alberto De Pieri - Logistics Manager

Alberto De Pieri

Logistics Manager

About Alberto

Participating in the organization of Regatta will be an invaluable opportunity for an enthusiastic and motivated student like me, and I cannot say how proud I am to be part of this family! This event is great: it is able to merge people coming from different campuses, with different interests and backgrounds and to generate an unforgettable event for the ESCP Europe community.

Roberta Scotto Di Clemente - Finance Manager

Roberta Scotto Di Clemente

Finance Manager

About Roberta

I was impressed by how Regatta was the perfect fit for all those who are eager to develop and build their professional competences, to share experiences and knowhow but in a fun and sporting environment. Regatta not only is a sailing event but also an opportunity of personal growth and the chance to belong to a big and united family. A family made by peers, hard work, feelings, unforgettable memories, misunderstandings, smiles and laughter. I am ready to raise the anchor and sale into this amazing new experience next to my fellows!

Edoardo Desogus - Head of Sponsorship

Edoardo Desogus

Head of Sponsorship

About Edoardo

Regatta isn’t just an event, Regatta is expression of life: friends, feelings, sacrifice, new meetings, love, adventure and achievements. This is what life is made of and what only our Business School is able to offer. Fun, Sport, Network and Education mixed with sea, wind and freedom is the perfect cocktail to live at Regatta one of our best memories. Let’s raise anchor together and… be ready to sail into our future!

Marco Riccio - Sponsorships Manager

Marco Riccio

Sponsorships Manager

About Marco

Regatta is the expression of what I really love: sea, sport, fun and network. I fell in love with Regatta during the last edition as a participant, since that day I have understood I needed to be part of it. This is a great opportunity, on one side to grow and to improve my skills, on the other a huge opportunity to have fun! I will give my best to Regatta, and for sure it will be the best edition ever seen!

Giorgia Barison - Head of Events

Giorgia Barison

Head of Events

About Giorgia

The main thing that convinced me to choose ESCP Europe was its international background. I studied in UK for 9 months during highschool and for another 5 months in Australia when i was at the third year of bachelor. I love travelling and meeting new people. I am a friendly, motivated and determined person. I love sports and sailing...I live in a seaside town near Venice!! I'm glad to be part of Regatta's family because it represents an opportunity to grow personally and professionally by having fun at the same time.

Maria Chiara Imparato  - Events Manager

Maria Chiara Imparato

Events Manager

About Maria Chiara

I am a proud Neapolitan, one of those who had the privilege of watching the sea horizon trough her window every morning. I am impatient to dive into this new adventure, to share all I have to give and to collaborate with this new family to make again a masterpiece out of this event. The sea is our stage and I can’t wait to share its wonders thought the eyes of the ones who calls it home.

Federico Sponza - Head of Sailing

Federico Sponza

Head of Sailing

About Federico

Passion for passion's sake ! 
An outstanding team, a unique event and an incomparable opportunity to deliver to our fellow ESCP community an unforgettable experience. 
A new breeze fills our sails towards a stimulating and exiting future and Regatta nurtures its participants through its values of Fun, Sport, Education and Networking.

I am honored of being part of this reality and created on shared values, motivation and passion.

All in for Regatta !

Giulia Quinzi - Sailing Manager

Giulia Quinzi

Sailing Manager

About Giulia

I was born in San Benedetto del Tronto, a small town nearby the sea in Marche’s region. I have always had a deep feeling for - a sort of connection with - the sea. It has been the greatest spectator of my life stages. Regatta embodies my memories, but I am eager to build new ones, with all the brilliant, passionate and energetic people it gathers yearly. Can’t wait to bring my enthusiasm!

Lorenzo Saudino - Head of Communication

Lorenzo Saudino

Head of Communication

About Lorenzo

Regatta is the right combination of hard work and fun, a unique event organized by amazing students that put together their talents to offer you the best experience. I’m really passionate about marketing and photography and I’m always looking for new ways to express my creativity and I think Regatta is my chance to create something unforgettable for all participants. 

Marco Da Ros - Social Media Manager

Marco Da Ros

Social Media Manager

About Marco

Half from Trieste and half from Conegliano, sea and Prosecco in my veins, be part of this amazing team is a must for me. The possibility to follow my ESCP’s path with mates that share my sailing passion was the main purpose that made me choose this organization. Moreover, Regatta is an opportunity to grow in a personal and professional way. I’m sure to find friends ready to help each other, learn and have fun. I’m very glad to be part of this team!

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