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Andrea Tunesi - President

Andrea Tunesi


About Andrea

Falling in love with Regatta was the first thing that happened to me when I joined ESCP. From the very beginning I understood that Regatta is not only a sport event, but it is also an opportunity to be part of a real family made up of people with different backgrounds, but united by the passion for the sea and sailing and the desire to get 100% involved to create an unforgettable event.
Some occasions happen once in a lifetime and I am ready to sail with the Regatta family to continue the most exclusive tradition of the oldest business school in Europe.

Greta Valchi - Head of Booking

Greta Valchi

Head of Booking

About Greta

Ever since I heard about Regatta I knew I wanted to be part of it. Having grown up in Genova I have always been a sea girl and I saw in Regatta the opportunity to merge my passion for the marine world with that of management. I cannot wait to start this new adventure and become part of such an iconic family of the ESCP network. I am sure that this experience will be very enriching on both a personal and professional level. I am ready to make Regatta an unforgettable experience for everyone. Let’s sail, shall we?

Ilaria Pozzo - Booking Associate

Ilaria Pozzo

Booking Associate

About Ilaria

I wanted to join Regatta even before starting the MiM as the event's spirit and the whole team's enthusiasm shone through. I have always loved the sea and the feeling of being surrounded by water. I can't wait to mix this passion with my organizational skills and the whole Regatta Family to organize this event. Regatta gives everyone something unique: the possibility of sailing while having fun, learning something new, and expanding your network. For all these reasons, let's start this adventure!

Leonardo Pendinelli - Communication Associate

Leonardo Pendinelli

Communication Associate

About Leonardo

“Mens sana in corpore sano” perfectly embodies the values and the morals of the ESCP community and, in particular, the ESCP Regatta’s ones. Being a proud Italian, and a sea lover, I couldn’t miss this opportunity and set sail for this new and challenging experience. Doubtlessly, it will strengthen my professional skills but mostly it will broaden my network. I can’t wait to start working and immerse myself at 360 degrees in this unforgettable journey.

Stefano Ferace - Head of Events & Logistics

Stefano Ferace

Head of Events & Logistics

About Stefano

When coming to ESCP, I never expected to find sailing, one of my biggest passion, in the oldest European business school. Regatta stands out of the crowd; it is the perfect combination of what our Society shall be based on: collaboration and love for the planet. Providing the possibility to thousands of people over the years to have fun, socialize and sail while networking and, hopefully, finding a job, is what gives Regatta a unique value.Can’t wait to start sailing with such an amazing crew!

Leonardo Serra - Events & Logistics Associate

Leonardo Serra

Events & Logistics Associate

About Leonardo

Having fun is amazing, we all like it, but letting people have fun is something more, it gives you certain feelings and emotions that can hardly be compared to something else. For me, Regatta is all about this. Living unforgettable moments, meeting classmates again, making meaningful connections in a sublime and romantic environment such as the sea. This is why I wanted with all myself to be part of this awesome family.

Elisa Actis - Finance Manager

Elisa Actis

Finance Manager

About Elisa

I’ve always believed in the fundamentality of building and developing ones skills through real-life experiences in challenging environments. This is what Regatta stands for me: a unique personal and professional growth experience in a fun, exciting and inspiring event.
I’m proud of being part of such a success-driven, focused and passionate team.
I’m ready to sail away to this wonderful new journey.

Vincenzo Mascolo - Finance Associate

Vincenzo Mascolo

Finance Associate

About Vincenzo

I grew up in Naples, surrounded by the smell of the sea and the continuous coming and going of the boats in the bay.
When they told me about an association, who act like a family, that was able to organise an outstanding event in front of the sea, I told to myself:” there’s no place I’d rather be”.

Pietro Scovazzo - Sailing Associate

Pietro Scovazzo

Sailing Associate

About Pietro

A unique group of people, with a unique sea and sailing passion: this is what regatta means to me.
On the sea it is not like school, there aren’ t any professors. There is you, and there is the sea, that’ s it. And the sea doesn’t teach you anything, the sea makes you grow up, in his own way.

Vittorio Audiberti - Sailing Associate

Vittorio Audiberti

Sailing Associate

About Vittorio

Being a waterpolo player and a passionate freediver, water is my element: for this reason Regatta caught my attention even before joining ESCP, and I have been impressed by the association’s values and spirit, as well as the positive feedback of the participants. Having the opportunity to organize such a prestigious event means for me the possibility to practice my soft skills in an informal environment, work with talented people and share unforgettable moments with students and alumni, matching all these activities with my biggest passion, the sea.
I can’t wait to organize this year’s event and make it an unforgettable experience for the ESCP community!

Leonardo Grelli - Sponsor Associate

Leonardo Grelli

Sponsor Associate

About Leonardo

When I heard about Regatta for the first time I knew it was the right experience to be able to work, grow and have fun at the same time.
The motivation and the desire to get involved have pushed me to always look for new dynamic and formative contexts for my personal growth.
Regatta's values summarise the uniqueness of the event, which every year provides a truly international experience.
I can't wait to set sail towards new challenges with my team.

Camilla Serantoni - Sponsor Associate

Camilla Serantoni

Sponsor Associate

About Camilla

"Since I was a little girl, I have always had an unbridled passion for the sea and sailing, a passion I shared with my family and friends. For me, summer just means boats, sea and sun. Being part of Regatta doesn't just mean being part of a well established and renowned association, but also sharing my passion with a group of motivated and dynamic people. I am very happy to be part of this family and I will do everything I can to make this experience unique!"

Chiara Galimberti - Project Manager

Chiara Galimberti

Project Manager

About Chiara

What attracted me to Regatta is the collaborative, passionate and energetic team and the possibility to be part of something unique, who goes beyond a simple association but is more like a family combined with an experience of a lifetime. Regatta not only is a sailing event but also an opportunity for personal growth and skill development, in an environment which is professional and friendly at the same time.

Martina Castelli - Booking Associate

Martina Castelli

Booking Associate

About Martina

Regatta has caught my attention since day one for both the passion for swimming I have practiced for years and the happy memories of sailing holidays. It’s a huge event in which people could have fun, strengthen relationships and practice a team sport in a unique location. I’m honored to be part of this family and I will do my best to make it unforgettable.

Elisa Caprari - Head of Communication

Elisa Caprari

Head of Communication

About Elisa

Being part of Regatta doesn’t just mean being part of a huge and respected project, it means also being part of a family where you share the same visions: working hard and having fun. The sea has always been part of my life since I was little, it has always given me a sense of peace and tranquillity, for this reason I’m certain I will give my personal contribution to the event with profound commitment. Let’s unfurl the sails crew!

Virginia Zedda - Communication Associate

Virginia Zedda

Communication Associate

About Virginia

“May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face.”This is the quote I bring with me since I jumped on a boat when I was almost 6 years old. Falling in love with the sea, the wind, sailing and all the things that turn around it has been natural. So as been with Regatta. I’m Virginia, I’m 22, I’m a “Romagnola ad hoc”, and I am ready to put all my energy into this amazing event and project that brings together two of my biggest passions: sailing and communication.

Virginia Bolla - Events & Logistics Associate

Virginia Bolla

Events & Logistics Associate

About Virginia

Since I was a child I have had a passion for sailing and the sea. When I learned about Regatta I immediately showed a strong interest in it. For me it means to become part of a big family and share this wonderful sport with them. I am sure to meet beautiful people and live unforgettable moments. I am very honored to join this team and I will do my best to make it memorable.

Alessandro Brambilla - Head of Finance

Alessandro Brambilla

Head of Finance

About Alessandro

It all starts with the 4 pillars: Fun, Sport, Education and Networking. Regatta, for me, is more that just an event. I fully identify my adventurous spirit and my business interests in Regatta values, which I believe should characterise the leaders of the future. Especially in times like these, I am excited for being part of this Family, and I can’t wait to make the next Regatta the most special ever!

Francesca Di Capua - Finance Associate

Francesca Di Capua

Finance Associate

About Francesca

When I found out what Regatta was, I realize that there was no time to lose in joining. I was thrilled to be joining Regatta in the Finance division and to pool together knowledge and many things to learn and a great environment where to grow my ideas and my friendships. This association for me represents a new big adventure to live together with my new family.

Sofia Danesi - Head of Sailing

Sofia Danesi

Head of Sailing

About Sofia

I was born in Carrara, a small seaside town, it is difficult to explain what the sea means to those who were not born there, I feel home just by hearing its sound and breathing its air this is why as soon as I heard about Regatta I fell completely in love with its spirit, it is like being part of a big family where you can have fun, balanced with hard work, efforts, passion and gratitude. I was impressed by Flavio Nappi’s words which best express the essence of the event: “in the company as in a regatta, each member of the crew is fundamental, and the choice and enhancement of people are crucial to compete and win”. Regatta is the biggest and oldest event of ESCP Business School and I am so thrilled to be part of it and help creating unforgettable memories. I cannot wait to start this wonderful journey!

Francesco Morello - Sailing Associate

Francesco Morello

Sailing Associate

About Francesco

There is only one place where the sun shines bright as a star and creates a path of light on the horizon of the sea .This happens only two times per day,when it sinks to the west and then rises up from the east and this is my philosophy. With us from Regatta you will admire this spectacular show of lights with a glass of champagne in your hands sitting close to your friends on a Sailing boat. To me it means more than an event,it is the ultimate expression of my love for sailing,learning about others and I truly believe that I will grow.

Luisa Balbo Di Vinadio - Head of Sponsor

Luisa Balbo Di Vinadio

Head of Sponsor

About Luisa

I was looking for sharing fun, love for the sea and passion for new challenges with a group of smart and dinamic people when I heard Regatta for the first time.
I immediately knew it was the perfect combination of what I was searching for. Working hard to accomplish your goals with the possibility to meet people coming from all over the world contribute to make Regatta an unforgettable experience. Can’t wait to set sail with the team!

Anna Santino - Sponsor Associate

Anna Santino

Sponsor Associate

About Anna

I've always loved sailing, having grown up so close to the Lake of Garda and coming from a family of talented sailors. As a result, when I first heard about Regatta, I knew I had to be a part of it! I am very thrilled about the challenging opportunity of organizing an unforgettable event for people from all over the world, which is Regatta, while also learning and having fun. Let's set sail on this new adventure together!

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