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Lorenzo Cuomo - President

Lorenzo Cuomo


About Lorenzo

I am very thrilled to be part of the ESCP Regatta family. Especially because I will be working to imagine, plan, and create something I would love to live at least once in my life. Regatta meets all my interests because since little I have been immersed in this fantastic experience that is sailing. Also, I have always pushed myself to make something good for the people surrounding me therefore I see the organisation of this event as an achievement of this goal.

Dje Coumba Cisse - Head of Booking

Dje Coumba Cisse

Head of Booking

About Dje Coumba

Everybody knows what an amazing event Regatta is but being part of the organisation is a whole different story. Being able to work while being surrounded by brilliant students and in a challenging environment is what makes it even more satisfying! Regatta is the place to be and I cannot wait to see the fruits of all our efforts.

Alice Nascimbeni - Booking Associate

Alice Nascimbeni

Booking Associate

About Alice

Becoming a new member of Regatta is an exciting opportunity to immerse myself in a one-of-a-kind experience where the corporate and personal worlds seamlessly blend. For me, it's not just about joining a team; it's about joining a family, forging new friendships, and establishing connections with like-minded individuals and companies. I'm genuinely thrilled about the chance to collaborate and work as a team player because I believe that's where I shine brightest!

Gaia Durio - Communication associate

Gaia Durio

Communication associate

About Gaia

The sea has always been a part of my life, providing me with a sense of excitement and serving as my happy place. That's why I couldn't be more thrilled to become a member of the Regatta family. I look forward to embracing new challenges, pushing my boundaries, and collectively organizing this incredible event. It's bound to be an unforgettable professional and personal experience.

Cesare Spanevello - Events&Logisitcs associate

Cesare Spanevello

Events&Logisitcs associate

About Cesare

I've never been on a sailing boat, but the excitement with which a friend talked about Regatta really caught my attention. Since then, being part of this project has become my main goal. It combines my love for creating something special for others with the chance to spend time with amazing people. I can already picture how satisfying it will be to see everyone enjoying the trip!

Matilde Benedetta Botto - Events&Logisitcs associate

Matilde Benedetta Botto

Events&Logisitcs associate

About Matilde Benedetta

My passion for the sea runs deep, but my true enthusiasm lies in the meticulous planning of events. Regatta is the perfect place for me to sharpen my logistical skills and take on the challenge of building a high-profile event from the ground up. I can't wait to dive into this adventure, and I'm sure my past experiences in this field will be a big boost for Regatta's success

Giorgio Alessandri - Finance associate

Giorgio Alessandri

Finance associate

About Giorgio

Being born in Venice, I have always been surrounded by boats and developed a lifelong passion for the sea and the nautical world. Regatta immediately interested me as it its organization is the perfect opportunity to give a practical outcome to this big passion. It’s gonna be a thrilling journey, during which we will all learn a lot. I am proud to be part of the Regatta family and involved in this memorable event!

Alessia Boveri - Head of Sailing

Alessia Boveri

Head of Sailing

About Alessia

Since I was a child, my parents gave me a passion for the sea. Once I grew up I started diving and sailing. I heard about Regatta well before I arrived in ESCP and being part of it now is a source of pride for me. Regatta is more than a sporting event, it is a unique opportunity for education, an example of sustainable business but also a possibility to share with young talented, and dynamic students two of my greatest passions: sea and sustainability.

Alberto Maria Muzi - Sailing associate

Alberto Maria Muzi

Sailing associate

About Alberto Maria

"Sea is what grants freedom to men," this is the quote that inspires my passion for sailing which I have pursued since I was a child. As soon as I found out about Regatta, I knew it was where I belong, be part of it is an honor and an extraordinary opportunity, for me, to boost my professional growth and at the same time share my love for the sea through the organization of an event of such significance. My objective will be to build an experience that won’t be forgotten by the participants.

Andrea Calori - Head of Sponsor

Andrea Calori

Head of Sponsor

About Andrea

I was already interested in Regatta before joining ESCP because of the stories told by friends who participated in it. I'm passionate about water sports, I'm a sailor, I played water polo and this year I set out to learn kitesurfing. I like to throw myself into new challenges and Regatta is definitely one of them. I am extremely happy to be part of this group and to work in a dynamic and stimulating environment with the aim of making the experience unforgettable for hundreds of young people. Besides working and training soft skills, I am part of a wonderful big family.

Andrea Donadio - Sponsor associate

Andrea Donadio

Sponsor associate

About Andrea

Think of Regatta as the grand finale of your ESCP adventure, like the cherry on top of an amazing cake that's been baking all year. I'm super pumped to dive into this challenge, and while it's going to be intense, I'm all in! I'll bring my past experiences to the table and make sure we have a blast along the way. We're in for the ride of our lives, where tears of joy and moments we'll cherish forever are all part of the package. So, let's embrace the journey, 'cause that's what we do together! Can't wait to share with all of you!

Alessandro Fusaro - Project Manager

Alessandro Fusaro

Project Manager

About Alessandro

Having sailed, dived, and loved the ocean since I was a kid, joining the Regatta team with whom I share a passion and many values, was to me an objective since the start of my journey at ESCP. Regatta is so much more than just a sports event: it is about unique educational opportunities, priceless networking possibilities, and contributing to the growth of a sustainable business. Regatta is the ultimate environment where to grow your network while having fun, together with people sharing the same passion for sailing and a common objective of protecting our seas. I’m so grateful to be part of the family in charge of organizing this incredible experience!

Francesca Toso - Booking Associate

Francesca Toso

Booking Associate

About Francesca

Getting involved in new challenges is something I find extremely exciting and stimulating, this is one of the reasons why I wanted to join Regatta. Moreover, being a sea-lover and having had several sailing experiences growing up, I find this opportunity even more unique. The organization of such a big event will require a lot of commitment and hard work but I’m thrilled to start working with this team that with the values it embraces, will soon become a second family.

Leonardo Pendinelli - Head of Communication

Leonardo Pendinelli

Head of Communication

About Leonardo

“Mens sana in corpore sano” perfectly embodies the values and the morals of the ESCP community and, in particular, the ESCP Regatta’s ones. Being a proud Italian, and a sea lover, I couldn’t miss this opportunity and set sail for this new and challenging experience. Doubtlessly, it will strengthen my professional skills but mostly it will broaden my network. I can’t wait to start working and immerse myself at 360 degrees in this unforgettable journey.

Yamila Petroli - Communication associate

Yamila Petroli

Communication associate

About Yamila

Captivating tales, innovation, adventure, and fun. I am ready to chart unexplored paths with my team, creating unforgettable and thrilling memories for one of ESCP's unmissable events. Creativity, determination, and a deep understanding of the power of effective communication will be the pillars that will guide me. I can't wait to set sail on this magical adventure!

Marco Mezzaroba - Events&Logisitcs associate

Marco Mezzaroba

Events&Logisitcs associate

About Marco

My passion for sailing and event organization has fueled my desire to participate in the dynamic community of Regatta. Being half-Sardinian, I've always had a deep connection with the sea, and today, I'm extremely excited to be part of the Regatta team, where I'm confident I'll have the chance to grow and meet amazing people. I can't wait to start this new adventure!

Nicolò Valeri - Head of Finance

Nicolò Valeri

Head of Finance

About Nicolò

I was born in Genoa and grew up with a passion for the sea. Despite my lack of sailing background, when I discovered the possibility of organising such an exclusive event, I immediately wanted to become part of this association. Regatta is a unique opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the sailing world while being part of a cohesive team, and I am thrilled to share my ESCP path with this family!

Giulia Cabassi - Finance associate

Giulia Cabassi

Finance associate

About Giulia

I'm thrilled to be part of the Regatta family. It's not just a sailing association; it's a dedicated group of students with a shared passion for making great things happen. At 19, I've chosen to step out of my comfort zone, learn from experienced individuals, nd teaming up to make the year's best event happen. Anchors aweigh!

Ludovico Umberto Boetti Villanis - Sailing associate

Ludovico Umberto Boetti Villanis

Sailing associate

About Ludovico Umberto

I was born in Turin, and my passion for the sea, with its beauty and power, has been with me since childhood. Honor, discipline, and the camaraderie of a dedicated crew all embody the spirit of Regatta. This association perfectly captures these ideals with its close-knit team and community, a crew of sailors who share a deep love for the sea and hold it in high regard. Even before joining ESCP, I aspired to be part of this association, drawn not only to its principles but also to the incredible people who organize such a remarkable event. An amazing opportunity to grow personally and professionally while enjoying one of my passions. My goal is to create an experience that'll last a lifetime. The horizon is our only limit; what's the heading now?

Tommaso Perroni - Sailing associate

Tommaso Perroni

Sailing associate

About Tommaso

Choosing ESCP with Regatta in the mix? Absolute no-brainer! Regatta was a decisive factor in my decision to attend ESCP for my master's studies, and now, having had the opportunity to join the Regatta family, it is an immense honor. As a passionate sports enthusiast, the prospect of uniting my love for sports with my professional pursuits is a unique opportunity. I am incredibly excited to embark on an unforgettable journey that will offer numerous opportunities and experiences, all of which will undoubtedly benefit my future. I can't wait to start and contribute to this amazing project and to share it with new friends in an incredible environment

Rosa Scarpetta - Sponsor associate

Rosa Scarpetta

Sponsor associate

About Rosa

My academic and professional experiences have consistently revolved around working with people, for other people, creating something powerful. But there's another part of me - I was born with the sea's sound in my ears. That's why I feel Regatta is the right place to me. I believe that "per aspera ad astra" may be our motto while working on Regatta, but I'm confident that, in the end, we'll find ourselves dancing under a starry night, amazed by how vibrant and lively the event we've created is.

Marco Valle - Sponsor associate

Marco Valle

Sponsor associate

About Marco

My passion for the sea and the fascinating dynamics of sailing is deep. Although I have never set foot on a sailboat, my professional and academic journey exposed me to the challenges and values of the sea and sailing world: teamwork, discipline, fair play, meritocracy, innovation, and fun. The ESCP Regatta is a unique event that embodies all these principles, and I am very proud to be on board!

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