Regatta ESCP 2024


F.A.Q. Regatta ESCP 2024

When will Regatta take place?

Regatta ESCP 2024, XVI edition, will take place from 16 to 19 of May.

How many people will be attending the event?

The event will host between 350 and 400 people.

How can I participate?

You can book the tickets on two different occasions, during the pre-booking event and during the booking event. We strongly suggest buying the tickets during the pre-booking due to the high request.

What if I can’t make it to the event for any reason? Will I be refunded?

In case of personal reasons, we are not entitled to refund you.

How many people one boat can host?

The boats are for 6/7 people during the night, during the day we expect 9/10. On each boat a skipper will assist you during the regatta.

What is the ticket’s price?

For those passionate about the unique experience of staying on a boat, our Boat Lover tickets cater to various members of the ESCP community and their guests. Students can enjoy this aquatic adventure for €395, while alumni are welcome at €495. For those who have pursued an EMBA or are alumni of the MBA/EMBA programs, tickets are available at €580. Guests who are not part of the ESCP community but are accompanying students or alumni can avail of tickets for €550, whereas those accompanying MBA/EMBA attendees will have a ticket price of €580. These tickets include the provision of boat accommodation for both day and night, ensuring a memorable experience.

For attendees who prefer a blend of adventure and comfort, our Comfort Lover tickets offer the perfect solution. These tickets include access to the boat for day activities, with the added comfort of hotel accommodation at night. The pricing structure mirrors that of the Boat Lover tickets, with an additional hotel room fee applicable for each category. Students and alumni start with a base ticket price of €395 and €495, respectively, while EMBA participants and MBA/EMBA alumni have a starting price of €580. Guests, depending on their affiliation with students or MBA/EMBA attendees, have ticket prices set at €550 and €580, respectively, before the addition of the hotel room fee. This arrangement allows for a customized experience, blending the joy of boat life with the comfort of a hotel stay.

What does the price include?

The night accommodation on a boat for 3 nights, all internal transfers to the events’ locations, 2 days of sailing expeditions, water, beer and spirits (cocktails in the after-dinner party are at your own expense), 3 exclusive party nights including a Gala, Regatta ESCP t-shirt, customized events.

Why is the base cost the same for both the comfort and boat lovers tickets?

The primary reason for the equal base cost of both tickets is that they both provide you with a spot on the boat during the day and exclusive access to our nighttime parties. If you opt for the Boat Lover Ticket, your night stay is on the boats. Conversely, the Comfort Lover Ticket includes a night stay at one of our partner hotels, incurring an additional cost. This extra cost is necessary to secure your place for the day and guarantee an enjoyable experience at our event.

Who can attend the event?

Bachelor's, PMY, M1, M2, MBA, EMBA, alumni and externals.

Can I attend the event though I’m not a part of the association?

Of course you can, the event is open to any student, alumni and sponsor.

I have a friend who comes with me, can we be in the same boat for all the duration of the event?

Yes, we will do our best to make it happen. At the moment of the purchase of the ticket, you will be asked if you want to come with a buddy. Your friend should submit your name as well so we can match you more easily.

Can I come solo?

Of course! You will then be matched with other participants to share a boat.

How can I come for free?

You can bring a sponsor or your own boat. For more info have a look at the concept page.

Do I need to have sailing skills to participate?

No, you will have a skipper on the boat.

How can I join the team that organizes the event?

Applications for the next year will open in September 2024. Follow us on Instagram to keep yourself updated at @regattaescp.

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