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Regatta ESCP Europe

Get to know us and discover our 12th edition in Porto Rotondo!


The 12th Edition of Regatta ESCP Europe will land on the wonderful Italian shores of Porto Rotondo, Sardinia from May 16th to May 19th 2019.

The event will be based in Porto Rotondo, a village in the North East of Sardinia. It belongs to the municipality of Olbia which is the island's most visited city.

All our activities will start on Thursday, May 16th. You are welcome to check in anytime from 8.00am to the evening at the Yachting Club. In order to enjoy your Regatta experience to the fullest, we highly recommend you to arrive by Thursday the afternoon. At 5.30pm, we will start the aperitif at the Regatta Village, which will be followed by a welcoming dinner, cooked with local food and sponsored by Barilla.

On Friday and Saturday, we will have many surprises and unforgettable experiences coming your way. From networking and conferences to racing and partying the night away, you will discover the beauty of Sardinia with amazing people and delicious food.

On Sunday, the check-out will take place from 8.30am. We will have our last breakfast together sponsored by Mulino Bianco at the Regatta Village. Starting from 11.00am, you will have free time to enjoy extra activities.


Our mission is to nurture the ESCP Europe community we will be proudly part of for our entire life by the mean of unconventional moments to share in a beautiful setting.

Regatta was founded in 2007 by Flavio Nappi, a Master in Management student. The first three editions took place in Capri and then the Regatta moved to Ischia. The event was also held in Punta Ala and Palermo.

For the 12th Edition, Regatta is happy to take place in its most prestigious location so far: Porto Rotondo. Since the beginning, our values has been focused on offering participants an occasion to meet, strengthen their network, have fun and why not, find jobs. Prestigious sponsors participate every year to attract the potential students.

Twelve years have gone by, now the society is carried on by 24 students scattered across the ESCP Europe campuses and sharing the same vision and desire to nurture the sense of community that the event fosters.


The core of Regatta is based on four pillars and for each of which we have some exciting new entries in this edition:

  • SPORT: you will participate to the Fleet Regatta in which 40 sailing boats are involved in the competition and the Regatta Race in which the 6 Campuses select their representatives to battle out in blue water to bring home the craved Cup to show off during the entire year until the next edition.
  • NETWORK: students, alumni and sponsor representatives join together and create moments of informal networking allowing exchange of industry dynamics and insights. We strive to create the best chances to enhance one’s network during the event. We collect information to match the interest of students and alumni with creative solutions.
  • EDUCATION: we all know you want to have fun as much as you can, but anyway we will not let you go without an added value. Sailing activities, round-tables and conferences will take place close to the Regatta Village.
  • FUN: anything that happens at Regatta is fun time, if you are not sure just take a look at our gallery. We will reveal the location for each night one week before the event.


The standard ticket will include 3 nights on the boat.

If you prefer to stay in hotel, we have a partnership with Hotel Marana (****) and we are able to offer you special prices. A shuttle service will be provided by the organization.

For any additional information, please contact


Regatta ESCP Europe 2019, the 12th edition in a row, has a theme: "The Golden Year”. We are celebrating ESCP Europe Bicentenary. Additionally, our Golden Regatta will give you a first glimpse to an exclusive and glamourous location as Costa Smeralda.


  • Who brings a valuable sponsor: FREE
  • Students350€
  • Alumni/MBA/EMBA380€
  • Guests400€

Are you a skipper? Contact!


  • Welcome pack at your arrival, including a branded t-shirt, gadgets and promotions
  • Food: 3 breakfasts sponsored by Mulino Bianco, 3 packets lunch, aperitif by Quadro Vehicles, and 3 special dinners, including a Golden Mask Gala dinner in an exclusive location
  • Participation to all the activities during the day and parties every night, in accordance with the program (available end of April)
  • Shuttle transfers Olbia - Porto Rotondo - Olbia all day long on Thursday (8am-9pm) and from 8.30am on Sunday, available ONLY if provided the personal logistics information within deadlines
  • Transportation shuttles from/to the harbor and the locations of the events – based on schedules
  • For the “standard ticket”: 3 nights’ accommodation on boat (Thursday check-in, Sunday check-out).


The Sponsor Division is core to the effective realization of Regatta ESCP Europe. It’s duty is to find prospects and close deals with partners, create sponsorship proposals to match companies' needs and reach agreements with them: the result of the activity consists in raising money, getting products and services and creating value for the event. Remember the rule "Bring a sponsor and come for free": contact for more information.


Transfers from and to Olbia airport are provided on Thursday 16/5/2019 (8:00 to 21:00) and on Sunday 19/5/2019 (8.00 to 21.00) only. In case of late arrivals on Thursday, please be in touch with the logistics or the booking team. For early departures on Sunday please bear in mind that it is not feasible to catch a flight that takes off before 10:00.


The Regatta ESCP Europe is an event dedicated to the ESCP Europe Community. You will find bellow a short description of the events taking place during the Regatta. The official program will be revealed by the end of April. Don’t forget to check out our website for news.


We strive to limit the environmental impact such a big event may lead to by activating different features:

  • we will organize a lottery with our Charity Partner – ilmareintasca (“sea in the pocket”) who is funding “Thales”. This is an ambitious initiative to sensitize and help reduce the marine environment plastic pollution. You will learn more during the check-in procedure
  • we confirmed our Green Partner – Treedom, who will absorb a sensible amount of CO2 on behalf of Regatta participants
  • we will be counting the number of plastic bottles provided to each boat and award the most sustainable crew returning the highest number of empty bottles to the Regatta Village
  • all the logo cups given out to you during aperitif and dinner will require a deposit to avoid plastic cups to fall into the sea and pollute irreversibly the marine environment


Sailing is great! Gather your crew, get on your boat and be get ready to sail. More than 40 boats will sail away in a breathtaking landscape, chasing victory. Be the first to cross the finish line! If you’ve never sailed before, no worries, no sailing skills are required but you must follow your skippers instructions.


Early afternoon on Thursday, May 16th the ENEL Business Game will take place. If you are interested in participating to this event, you will have to apply on the DailyInternship platform ( You have to send your CV. Candidates will then be selected and invited to participate to the ENEL Business Game during the event. You will then receive direct feedback from the ENEL HR department. This business game will highlight your performance for a recruiting process, and also show what you kind of skillset is needed to join such innovative company (internship, full-time…).


Networking, team building, partnership closing moments: the B2B Aperitif sponsored by Quadro Vehicles is the occasion for our partners to mix and mingle with each other in a more private and exclusive place. (NB: Only for Sponsors and Partners!)


Italy is well known for its gastronomy culture usually accompanied with a family atmosphere. Regatta ESCP Europe is also about discovering Italy and its culture. It’s about discovering new dishes and recipes of the Belpaese (Land of Beauty). Come and “taste” a little bit of Italy with us!


Take out your fanciest outfit and don’t forget your mask! Our finest dinners at an exclusive location will take place! Get ready to enjoy your last night in Porto Rotondo with our well awaited Gala.

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