Regatta ESCP Europe is a yearly event organized by students of ESCP Europe Business School.

500+ participants among students, alumni and sponsors gathered together in a unique location in Italy.
Sailing competitions, games, great food and much more to meet each other in a very unconventional way.
Business opportunities and dedicated events to boost your network.

Key information:

  • 4 days of sailing with a fleet of 60 boats

  • More than 500 participants from all the 6 ESCP campuses, alumni, sponsors, journalists and skippers

  • Dedicated events to strengthen the relationship between Regatta partners and ESCP community

  • Sailing competitions, shared group moments and theme parties that will give the chance to promote networking in an unconventional way


The Regatta ESCP Europe 11th Edition will take place in Ischia, Napoli from May 17th to May 20th.

The event will be based in Forio d’Ischia, the island's second largest town: it covers an area of roughly 13 square kilometers and has a population of around 12,000. 

All our activities will start on Thursday 18th of May early afternoon, therefore the check in will open in the morning! Thus, to fully enjoy the event, consider to arrive on Thursday morning or even Wednesday evening. You can contact us to get special offers for Wednesday evening accommodation as well as useful tips about restaurants and things to do/places to visit.

Finally, if you decide to stay longer in Ischia, on Sunday morning you will have the possibility to freely join walking English-speaking tours of the city. Ischia has a wealth of things to see and do from its fantastic beaches, thermal parks, gardens and historical sights such as Castello Aragonese and Chiesa del Soccorso.


Regatta was founded in 2007 by Flavio Nappi, a MIM student. The first 3 editions took place in Capri and then the Regatta moved to Ischia. We have been also to Punta Ala, Palermo and Mondello. For the 10th Edition, Regatta is glad to announce to come back with great news where we all left our hearts: Forio! Since its beginning the idea was to offer participant an occasion to meet, strengthen their network, have fun and why not, find jobs.  A number of prestigious sponsors have participated with the aim of attracting interesting students.


The core of Regatta is based on 4 pillars and, from each of this, we have introduced some news for this edition:

  • SPORT: sailing activities like the Regatta cup in which 60 sailing boats are involved in the competition and the Regatta Race in which the 6 Campuses select their representatives from every single campus. This year, since we have accumulated 10 Promos, there will also be races involving each Promo.

  • NETWORK: Meetings between students, alumni and sponsors. Possibility to have short interviews and Cv collections. We've always tried to give you all the best chances to improve your network during the event. This time we want to do more. You'll have the opportunity to choose your area of interest during the booking (Finance, Consulting, Marketing, etc…) as a student and your working area as alumnus: part of the boats will be mixed to boost the ESCP Network! Moreover, there will be sector aperitifs available during the first and second night.

  • EDUCATION: we all know you want to have fun as much as you can, but anyway we won’t leave you without an added value. This year some associations will be involved in the event (ex. Luxury Society) and they will have the opportunity to organize their personals events, it’ll be up to you decide which to join!

  • FUN: just take a look to our videos, is there anything else to say? We will reveal the location for each night one week before the event!


If you can't wait to join us, here you find some useful information in order to reserve the best places of this year’s edition.

PRE BOOKING: It will be available from 20th February 2018 to 4th March.

170 participants will have this opportunity (first come first served basis). Keep reading to find out to participate according to your "status":

  • If you are an Alumnus:

    • Number of tickets available: 100

    • Price: 380€

    • How to Participate to the Pre-booking: have you ever participated to Regatta? I guess yes! In order to be selected you will have to post a picture in any social network you want with the hashtag "IAmRegatta" or send us a picture of one of your past Regatta / Regatta's crew via Email.

    • Do not forget to write to once you have completed this task

  • If you are an MBA / EMBA:

    • Number of tickets available: 50

    • Price: 380€ for the MBA, 400€ for the EMBA

    • How to Participate to the Pre-booking: probably it will be your first year at Regatta, do you wanna join? Just write us at

  • If you are a Student:

    • Number of tickets available: 20

    • Price: 330€

    • How to Participate to the Pre-booking: show us how you would make a Nodo Savoia creatively, respecting the 4 Regatta's pillars (sport, education, networking and fun), and publish the video with the hashtag #IAmRegatta. The best 20 selected videos will have the possibility to access the Pre-Booking.

    • Do not forget to write to once you have completed this task

Once you have confirmed (via mail) your desire to get your ticket through the prebooking contest, we will send you a code.
After having received it you can go to our website and buy your ticket!
During the purchase, you will be able to choose If you prefer to stay on boat or in hotel (+35€ per night).

ONLINE BOOKING: will open on SATURDAY, MARCH 10TH at 2PM (GMT + 1).

Tickets will be sold in a first come first serve basis.

No particular sailing experience is required, so don´t hesitate and join us on board!

Any additional information:


The standard ticket will include 3 nights in a boat.

If you prefer to stay in hotel, we have a partnership with some hotels in front of the harbor that can guarantee you a special price.

Any additional information:


Regatta ESCP Europe 2018, the 11th edition in a row, has a theme: "Green and Sustainability". We have imagined an eco-friendly Regatta which aims at a sustainable future. At the same time this edition will be focused on the Italian excellences regarding the typical products of our Territory. We have recently signed an agreement with a "green" partner trough which Regatta is going to create, together with its participants, a "Regatta Forest". Thanks to the partnership, Regatta is going to plant a tree for each participant and is going to be effectively part of the creation of a sustainable future for our world!


  • Students (MIM/BIM): 330€

  • Alumni/MBA: 380€

  • EMBA and Guests: 400€

*Deposit: more info via email to the partecipants.

Are you a skipper? Contact before the 5th of March to check the availability of skipper special prices!


  • Welcome pack at your arrival, including a branded t-shirt, gadgets and promotions

  • Food: breakfasts, packets lunch, aperitifs and 3 special dinners, including a gala dinner in an exclusive location

  • Participation to all the activities during the day and parties every night, in accordance with the program (unveiled in late April)

  • Transfers from/to Napoli airport, available upon registration

  • Transportation navettes from/to the harbor and the locations of the events – based on schedules

  • For the “normal ticket”: 3 nights accommodation on boat (Thursday check-in, Sunday check-out).


Ferries and transfers from and to the airport are provided on Thursday 17/5/2017 (8:00 to 21:00) and on Sunday 20/5/2017 only. In case of late arrivals on Thursday, please be in touch with the logistics or the booking team. For early departures on Sunday please bear in mind that it is not feasible to catch a flight that takes off before 10:00.


Do you feel like staying longer in Ischia? Would you like to rent a boat, explore the surroundings or visit the beauties of Naples? The Regatta Team has arranged special offers to make one of your best memories last longer! Send a mail to

Would you like to be more comfortable? You can sleep in hotel but at the same time have your reserved place on boat. In this case you need to purchase the BOAT ticket during the Booking day and, in a second moment, send an email to and we will book a room for you (hotel fees to be paid at your arrival)

Do you have your own boat? Take it with you! For more information contact us at


The Regatta ESCP Europe is an event dedicated to the ESCP Europe Community. Here you have a short description of the “events in the event”. The official program will be unveiled in late April. Come back to check the latest news!!


Sailing is awesome! gather your crew, get on your boat and be ready to sail. More than 45 boats in a breathtaking landscape, running for the victory. Time for action: be the first to cross the finish line! No sailing skills are required but crews must follow their skipper directions.


40 Boats + Music + Drinks from our amazing sponsors = THE BEST PARTY EVER!


Our new location offers tons of sport activities: Beach volleyball, Tennis, Soccer, Rowing, Tennis Table, Biking… and many others, but that’s a surprise


We are looking for people who can see a path through the unknown, who are able to transform the energy of disagreement into a productive solution, with a high level of observation, judgment and decisiveness. To us, passion for challenges, teamwork, respect of diversity and adaptability to multicultural environments along with initiative spirit and exacting guidance are essential. Additionally, in business and personal life, fair play, research of excellence and innovative solutions are necessary “rules of the game”.


Networking, new relations, team building and more: the B2B Aperitif is the occasion for all our partners to meet and spend some time together away from the crowd, in a more private and exclusive place. NB: Only for Sponsors and Alumni


Italy is well known for its food culture and enjoying a meal with friends is the main ingredient of any Italian dish; Regatta ESCP Europe means also this: trying the best products and recipes of this beloved country. Let’s “taste” a little bit of Italy together!


Be ready to dress up with your most fancy outfit and to enjoy the finest of the dinners in an astonishing location! The Gala on Saturday night is one of the most anticipated events of our community!


The Sponsor Division is core to the effective realization of Regatta ESCP Europe. Its duty is to look for possible partners, create sponsorship proposals to match companies' needs and reach agreements with them: the result of the activity consists in raising money, getting products and services and creating value for the event. Given its strategic importance, it is the most "entrepreneurial" division of the organization and has proactivity, business acumen and relationship skills as main features. Remember the rule "Bring a sponsor and come for free": contact for more information.